Artist’s Biography

Victoria Landis was born and raised in a small New Jersey town, the second of six children.  The first urge to sit down and draw, to truly depict the object in front of her in all its depth and detail, happened at age 12.  She’s been drawing and painting ever since.

Numerous moves around the country, including twelve years living on Oahu, have greatly influenced Victoria’s work.  Stints as an interior designer, a kitchen and bath designer, and a stay-at-home mom to her three sons, have pushed aside her art in the past.

Overcoming a tough set of circumstances often gives an artist the courage to put themselves out there.  Such was the case with Victoria.  Her first marriage was a heartbreaking experience where her husband scorned, taunted, and in turns, verbally abused and ignored her.  The second marriage brought two beautiful boys, but an even worse situation.  After enduring five years of horrifying domestic verbal and physical abuse, she managed to escape with her two sons (then ages 2 and 4).

It took her years to heal mentally.  Understanding spiritual law through the writing of some great authors, she gained the confidence she needed.  With her fiftieth birthday looming in October of 2007, Victoria decided to go for it.  To do what she always really wanted to do—paint and write.  Now, she is grateful for the courage to do so and the wonderful opportunities that continue to come her way, creating canvasses and murals that bring joy to people.