Victoria Landis welcomes us to Paradise with a series of brilliant-colored oils on canvas.
The immediate responses are: pleasure, serenity. The vivid reds, greens, blues, and lavenders in
large bold shapes bring to mind Matisse of a century ago and his like renderings of joie de vivre,
joy of being alive.
Her colors are not flat, but nuanced shadings. Forms from nature are shown in unusual
arrangements or partial, close-up glimpses such as four petals of a lavender flower or a more
traditional landscape view of palms, flowers, clouds, and seductive blue water, but with the
added dimension of exquisite groups of plants with abundant tiny, delicate flowers – like
medieval mille fleurs paintings of the peaceful enclosed garden.
Even in the harsh backlighting of the computer screen, Landis’ paintings are warm and
alive and accomplish her mission to bring cheer to the viewer.
– Joan Mickelson, Ph.D., Art History

“Art is a powerful way to reach the soul. Vicki’s art is like a meditation mandella which can
be used to symbolize one’s purpose or intention. Congratulations on a beautiful collection.”
– Laura Bartolini Mendelsohn, Spiritual Medium – Helping people heal and enjoy success
through guidance from spirit.

“Vicki Landis sees vivid colors, delicate designs, and bold patterns in the simplest forms of
nature. I’ve been a fan of her work for years. She explores her own passions and they explode on
canvas in an exciting style that is uniquely her own. To see her creations in their original form
is breathtaking.” – Don Bruns, Author of the Mick Sever Mystery Series.  Available
now – St. Barts Breakdown.

“Serenity is my favorite.  The colors are so rich.  I’d searched a long time for the right piece
for my living room, and when I saw Vicki’s work, I knew it was the one.” – Jan Estrine, co-owner
Grab Bar Guys.  Give your parents the gift of security.

“I first saw this painting standing on an easel in the showroom at a writers’ conference. It
was surrounded by books, but it instantly caught my eye. At first, it appeared to be almost a
seasonal piece about Autumn—gold, brown, and red. A single leaf on an otherwise bare limb.
And that’s when the true meaning revealed itself: This was a scene of desolation, of an
inexplicable tragedy that would have been total except for that solitary leaf. It speaks for itself,
and I already knew its name, Hope, before I learned what it was. It’s my favorite Landis
painting.” – Vincent H. O’Neil, Award-winning novelist and author of the ‘Exile’ mystery

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