Graphic Art

Looking for a fresh take on book cover images, logos, and pop art ideas?  Scroll down to see examples of Victoria’s graphic art.More are in the works and will be posted soon.
What attracts a potential reader to a book?  Reputation of the author is first, of course.  But when perusing unknown authors’ titles?  It’s the book cover.  Especially on the ebook sites.  A simple, dynamic cover—yet easily deciphered in a small thumbnail size—is everything.  Victoria joined the ranks of book cover artists and pop art artists this year and found another creative outlet to love.
The pop art faces below are just the beginning.  Victoria does them from photos and can ship them anywhere.  Posters, cards, mugs, T-shirts, and an amazing array of other items can be printed with the image.  They make fantastic gifts for signature occasions like 21st, 40th, and 50th birthdays, Bar & Bat Mitzvah gifts and favors, anniversary gifts, or just for fun.
Want a sharper logo?  A standout T-shirt design?  Contact Victoria.

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