I am fortunate to have many wonderful friends and, every day, new aquaintances.  Here are
links to the websites of people I know who are talented, hard-working individuals and companies
who deserve your business and attention. – Victoria.

Jan and Andy Estrine – Grab Bar Guys -

Their specialty is grab bars for the home.  Give a gift of safety and peace of mind to your aging
parents.  It’s the least you can do.

Laura Bartolini Mendelsohn -

She’s an amazing spiritual medium.  That means she can put you in contact with your dear
departed ones, and I have to say from first hand experience, it’s not weird or creepy.  It’s
wonderful and loving.

Don Bruns-

Don Bruns is a cornucopia of talent, having owned and been successful at a number of
businesses.  Nowadays, he’s concentrating all his efforts in his fiction writing career and making
some great headway.  His books are terrific.  Read all about Don, his books, and his nominations
on his website.

Vincent O’Neil-

Vincent O’Neil is a writing friend who got his launch into fiction by winning the St. Martin’s
Press contest a few years ago.  You’ll love his take on the Florida Panhandle.  Check out his story
at his website.

Dan Christiansen

Daniel Christiansen is a new friend. A talented photographer and web designer (he redid this site)
Check out his photo work at his website.  He does portrait work that truly shows you the
person’s personality.

David Landis

David Landis is my brother.  He’s a sculptor in Atlanta.  His work can be seen in Hartsfield Int’l
Airport, all over the metro Atlanta area, and Toulouse, France. (I’m so proud)  Check out his

Linda Hengerer

Linda Hengerer is a writing friend who offers an eclectic selection of information on her
website.  She’s got a great book on football basics for anyone who doesn’t understand the game
but wants to, plus other interesting subjects.