Wall art for your home can be a wall mural as well.  Victoria can create any type of atmosphere you desire for any room of your home or office.  Did you know that you can have a custom, one-of-a-kind scene painted for you on canvas or thin panels?  Canvas mural panels up to ten feet wide will be shipped to you, then installed as a strippable wallpaper.  The thin panels can be screwed to the ceiling or walls and then boxed in with decorative molding.  The advantage to you is if you move, then the mural is easily removed and travels with you.  Progressive photographs are taken and discussed every step of the way, so you know exactly what you’ll receive.

Think of the possibilities—a beautiful landscape, medieval fortress, or tree top view for your child’s room can now be passed along to a sibling, cousin, or friend when your child grows out of it.  Just like we do with their best toys and clothes.

With the rising popularity of meditation art, many a spiritualist now wants a wall mural for their meditation room that will serve as a mantra and help them achieve the calm they seek.  Whether you want a naturescape, soft clouds, or angels, you can have a meditation center that speaks to you perfectly.

Of course, painting a mural on the wall is still a great look.  Scroll down to see some examples of Victoria’s murals. No matter which method you choose, treat yourself to the luxury and satisfaction that you have in your domain something no one else in the world has

Tropical Leaf Garland

Palm Tree Mural

Zach’s Room







Zach’s room is a ‘whole room’ mural. All the walls and the ceiling are painted. The

effect of the theme is greatly enhanced this way. This type of mural works best in

children’s rooms and game rooms, but can be well-done in the right entryway,

bathroom or powder room, a bar area, or a home theater. In Zach’s case, he wanted

an Army room and loves anything World War Two. So, I created the mural to be an officer’s

tent on top of the cliff at Normandy Beach. A sanitized version. He also wanted a

helicopter. Although they weren’t around in World War Two, I gave him one anyway.

(He was 10 at the time.)Everything in the photos above except for the bed, a

nightstand, and the ceiling fan, is paint. The ‘wood’ beams, the guns, all of it.

I’d love to do a child’s whole room mural where it feels as though you’re in a

treehouse, looking down at the ground – a valley, river, etc. And above you only sky.

Or a room in an ancient castle. Or a log cabin. Or a balloon race. Or….. Let your-

and your child’s-imagination soar!

- Victoria Landis

Rock and Stone

Painted Brick and Plaster

Painted Limestone

Bluestone Wall

Limestone Wall

Fieldstone Wall

Granite Block Wall

Whimsical Fountain

Karate Studio


African Motif on Vertical Face Soffat

Close Up-of African Motif

Banana Leaf Mural on Vertical Face on Soffat

Hand-painted detail for ceiling corners. Matching designs for walls, floors, and around medallions are available.