Painting Effects

Decorative painting techniques have been used nearly from the beginning of paint.  Whether it’s marble painting, faux wood painting, or a diffused soft wall effect, it influences our mood, make us relax, or helps us to feel more satisfaction in the home or office we spend so much time in.  The walls at Pompeii show us how integral a paint effect can be to a culture.

All of the effects can be done on canvas or thin panels and shipped anywhere.  Please call for more detail.

Painting trim and molding in an unexpected way can add a very polished and upscale surprise element to a room.  Lengths of painted moldings can be shipped anywhere, then cut and installed by your contractor.  Please call for further information about how we work with the trade.

Victoria loves creating painted marbles, granites, and woods.
Email or call for custom estimates.

Painted Marble Columns and Arch

White plastic outlet covers painted to match stone backsplash

Painted Marble on Drywall Column

Painted Marble

Painted Granite

Painted Moldings

Architectural accents such as moldings, medallions, corbels, mirror frames, etc., can be painted in the studio and shipped to the job site. Custom colorways can be created to coordinate with paint colors and wallpaper.

Sample Chair Rail 4 Colorways Shown

Detail-Chair Rail

Sample Ceiling Medallion 4 Colorways Shown

Detail-Ceiling Medallion

Painted Ceiling Medallion

Painted Marble on Baseboard Molding


Custom Design for Toybox

Painted ‘Wood’ Parquet Pattern with Green Marble and Lapis inserts. Painted on masonite panel. Excellent for wainscot, ceilings, and floors too, with heavy-duty sealer in areas with light traffic.

“Through The Roof”
Hand Painted Lamp.

Faux Finishes on Walls

M. Bath Before

M.Bath After

Reception Area, Law Office