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Serenity –

True serenity comes from faith. I chose the undulating leaf’s shape because it represents real life—
constantly up and down. It’s like a roller coaster—just when you think you’ve secured a position at
the top, it’s possible you might have another drop. Conversely, when it seems you’re at rock bottom,
a rise could be next. Faith in infinite intelligence at all times is your security. When you know you are
secure, you have serenity.The background sky varies from dark blue to lavender to show us it doesn’t
matter what background we come from, we are all lovingly supported.Which brings us to the stem that
holds the leaf. You can’t see it, because of the angle of the leaf. But it’s there. Much like our creator. Even
if we don’t believe it because we can’t see it. The saturated reds in the leaf represent the limited time we
have. Red means fast. Life slips by, and before we know it, we think, “Wait. I always wanted to do ______.
” Don’t wait to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.